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Kanye West isn’t happy about Kim Kardashian receiving an order divorcing him and restoring her single status… and he’s told the judge so.

Kim’s appeal to have the judge pronounce her single before all of the custody and property issues are resolved has prompted Kanye to file new legal documents. This is set to take place early next month, but Kanye’s lawyer has objected.

As for why, Kanye’s lawyer appears to be concerned that Kim may remarry and transfer some of their assets to her own accounts. Kanye appears to be okay with Kim going single right now, but only provided protections are put in place to ensure that the assets remain marital property.

Kanye’s lawyer alleges that he wants three conditions, all of which Kim has rejected.

1. He wants to make sure that if any of them dies, any money owed to them is reimbursed.

2. Kanye wants Kim to be unable to transfer assets out of any trust they set up.

3. He wants Kim to give up their marital privileges while a custody determination is made. This is intriguing… he wants to make sure that any interactions between the two of them are recorded in court. He also wants to make sure that if Kim remarries, she would forgo whatever spousal privilege she may have with her new husband… in other words, he wants to make sure that any conversations she has with a new husband about custody will be open to the public.

As we reported, there’s a prenup that keeps all of their property separate, so it’s unclear why there would be alarm on Kanye’s part.

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