BOOSIE BADAZZ is addressed by T.I. in his new song “Active,” which features Kevin Gates.

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On his brand-new song “Active,” which features Kevin Gates, T.I. responds to Boosie Badazz’s claims that he was a snitch.

The song, which DJ Greg Street previewed earlier this week on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, is apparently going to be on T.I.’s upcoming album Kill the King, which is probably going to be his last album.

Tip appears to take aim at Boosie Badazz, who has called the Atlanta great a “rat,” in the high-octane trap song, asking a higher force to “pardon” those who don’t believe in him.

“You began yelling and telling/ But on Instagram, you work very hard. T.I. raps, “Come in here trying to promote ya career and takeover/ I’ma commandeer the circumstance, treat him like a hunting deer in the frontier.

“Listen, I’ve been King 21 years, took defeats, never shed a tear/ That’s ’cause even when the future unsure, confidence, I always had a ton up here,” the king continues in the verse.

Listen to a preview of “Active” shared on T.I.’s Instagram page below:


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T.I. and Boosie Badazz’s feud began last month after a footage from an episode of Tip’s expediTIously podcast from August 2020, in which he discussed an incident involving him and his late cousin Toot, leaked online.

According to T.I., he and Toot were operating a heist in their hometown of Atlanta involving stolen designer clothing when they were stopped by law enforcement, who found a revolver in Tip’s possession.

Toot, who introduced T.I. to DJ Toomp, the man responsible for such singles as “What You Know,” “24’s,” and “U Don’t Know Me,” was killed while the lawsuit was still pending. Tip escaped jail time by claiming the gun belonged to his cousin at the advice of his attorney and with Toot’s posthumous approval.
“Toot died, we found those gun boxes. Last month, he remarked in an Instagram post, “My lawyer responded, ‘Oh, you know, I could make everything go away if it was Toot’s, it was Tremel’s. “I spoke to him after he had died away. I’ll accept all the charges you have, Toot remarked. If you can put it on me and get away with it, damned right! And if they come and muthafuck me, I’ll be damned.

Boosie, however, disapproved of the Grand Hustle leader’s conduct and referred to him as a “fucking rat” while also canceling the collaborative record they had planned to release.

According to Boosie, if T.I. did that, “you’re a fucking rat too.” Boosie said to VladTV. I spare no muthafucking body. Because you are cooperating if you are breaking the law, committing a crime, and working with the authorities to get yourself out of trouble. So, you are a rat.


T.I. was offended by the remarks and instructed Boosie to “pull up” on him. When Boosie declined to go to T.I.’s “paperwork party” at the Trap City Cafe in Atlanta, where T.I. was spotted waving around a court document apparently demonstrating he didn’t turn on his cousin, the conflict eventually reached a boiling point. While speaking to the group, T.I. brought up Boosie’s noteworthy absence and speculated that he might have declined the invitation in order to “straighten” things up.

“Have you got any documents to show me, everyone? I have some documents I can show them,” he said. Please inform another muthafucka that the documentation was present if you decide to let this one go. You hear me? If they weren’t present, they shouldn’t be criticizing the King in any way. However, T.I. asserted that the feud between him and Boosie was gone in a recent interview with TMZ since it was obvious that “someone misspoke.”

He stated, “That was a misunderstanding,” before revealing that Boosie was aware that some of his claims were inaccurate. Then he said that the matter would be resolved “offline,” which is “the way it ought to have been from the start.”





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