50 Cent Makes Light of Debra Lee’s Relationship with the Network’s Founder, Former BET CEO

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On Wednesday, 50 Cent discovered a new victim for his internet harassment (March 8).
The G-Unit rapper offered his opinion on the relationship between former BET CEO Debra Lee and network founder Bob Johnson. Before being obscene, 50 Cent had made a very mild comment on Instagram.

In his initial post regarding the relationship, he said: “You would not believe what goes on behind the scenes.

A few hours later, 50 Cent brought up the subject once more.

He jokingly said, “Well Deb must have that WAP. “Here you go, bae, run it! He gave her the whole s###! LOL.”


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On Good Morning America, Debra Lee promoted her new biography while talking about her relationship with Bob Johnson. She said that the founder of BET threatened to fire her from the company if she ended her relationship with him.

Before we started dating personally, she said that she had worked for Bob Johnson for ten years. He was a mentor to me, pushed me, and is much to thank for my achievement. While both of us were married, we did have a relationship. The relationship was eventually revealed after we both got divorced. Business was aware. 

The disadvantage of a relationship like that is if you want to end it, she continued. And at that point, I wanted to end the relationship. I could tell it wasn’t going to last. And my career and work were held over my head. Hey, you can leave tomorrow if you wish to end our relationship, it was said. I had been working at BET for 20 years at that point, so I would have lost everything.


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