Is Chris Rock’s “Selective Anger” Making Will Smith “hurt and embarrassed”?

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Rumors suggest that Will Smith is upset about Chris Rock’s new comedy special, in which he ridicules the entire family. The first live Netflix show in history, “Selective Outrage,” featured Chris Rock and delivered all the social criticism and viral impact you could ask for. For his performance, Rock reportedly received $40 million. Everyone who watched eagerly awaited his views and thoughts regarding the Oscars slap incident from the previous year. 

We everyone anticipated Will Smith would succeed, and he did. We did not anticipate Chris Rock to display a particularly cruel side, likely as a result of receiving a slap in front of everyone at the greatest Hollywood event. We will probably continue to speak on this subject for years to come because there are so many diverse points of view. According to a source close to Will Smith, the actor is “hurt” and “embarrassed” by Chris Rock’s Netflix comedy special. Although I can’t locate the source or a direct link to Entertainment Tonight, they are given credit for this. As a result, this is a “selective rumor.” Chris, however, attacked Jada and the children and he hit HARD. Manhattan Hard!

Chris Rock is now prepared to move on and put everything behind him after discovering the money! Will has reportedly been attempting to fix it and will keep doing so. Because Will unintentionally given him $40 million extra money and a historic opportunity, I believe Chris and he can now. Unfortunately, once more!

He covered all of his bases, according to a reliable source with ET. “It was humorous, self-deprecating, and thought-provoking. “Chris is ready to move on” at this time.

On HBO Max, Marlon Wayans had a brilliant program about his involvement in the slap incident. Will is 54, Chris is 58, and he is 50. What if everyone knew about this? What if Chris and Will planned to defraud Netflix of $40 million? Then Marlon tells HBO Max, “I’ve got a comedy skit where I can talk about all three parties involved in the Oscars Slap…for a HOUR!” This is similar to the Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Solange elevator incident!



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