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Chuck D has defended Melle Mel after the rapper faced criticism for recent remarks he made regarding Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.
On Sunday, March 5, the leader of Public Enemy used Twitter to defend Melle Mel’s criticisms on Em and K. Dot. Chuck claimed that the Furious Five MC was a dominant force in the formative years of Hip Hop and so understood what it takes to be the best.

Chuck D also compared Melle Mel to Wilt Chamberlain, an NBA Hall of Famer and one of the league’s most dominant players during his tenure.
In the first five years of records, Melle Mel was so dominant over the rest of the pack that it was difficult for people who were born after MC folk to understand, he wrote. Because of this, I refer to him as Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt had harsh criticism for rappers who came after him, including Myself. Let Mel be Wilt, please.

Understand Melle Mel was so dominant over the rest of the pack in the first 5 years of records its hard to comprehend for born after MC folk. Its why i call him Wilt Chamberlain and Wilt had a crate of critiques for the rappers after him including ME . Just Let Mel be Wilt lol

— Chuck D (@MrChuckD) March 5, 2023

After Melle Mel’s assertion that Eminem is only a Top 5 rapper because of the color of his skin, Chuck D defended Eminem. Mel stated that race was a factor in the Detroit rap legend earning the No. 5 slot on Billboard’s list of the 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time, ahead of artists like Biggie, Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, Rakim, and LL COOL J. Mel made this assertion in an interview with The Art of Conversation last week. 


He’s a skilled rapper, without a doubt, Mel added. “If you were referring to sales, he has sold more than anyone. So, if you were referring to rhyme scheme, he has one. He is white, though. He is white.

Now that an n-gga who could rhyme just as well as him is 35, would Eminem be Top 5 on that list if he were another one of us? that has records and everything else? He’s 35. A white man.

The father of Hip Hop also questioned the influence and impact of Kendrick Lamar, who was ranked by Billboard as the second best rapper of all time, behind JAY-Z. The Pulitzer Prize winner has written some excellent lyrics and has produced some quality music, but Melle Mel claims that he “[doesn’t] transition into the street part of Hip Hop.”

He remarked, “I don’t know what records he made like that. I might be acquainted with one or two of them, but I doubt you can hear Kendrick in the club at all.
Nobody wants to rap like Kendrick Lamar, he continued. Everyone aspires to rap like Eminem. A lot of folks, including ‘Pac and Biggie, wanted to rap.

Over the weekend, 50 Cent chimed in on the discussion and defended Eminem, who he believes is one of the key figures to his own success and the rise of Hip Hop as a major cultural force.
“When Melly [misspelled Melle] Mel was popping, there was more money to be made selling marijuana than there is now in Hip Hop,” In an Instagram post, 50. Without artists like Eminem, I’m not sure whether it would be what it is now. I don’t know whether I would be the same person without him, but you know it’s a competition, so people are going to dislike. LMAO Get out of here! We take no money.

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