Afrika Bambaata’s sex abuse lawsuit might be dropped. As a Default

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In 2021, the accuser of Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa filed a lawsuit. The alleged victim claimed that in the 1990s, he was both sexually assaulted and trafficked.
In his complaint against Afrika Bambaataa for sexual abuse, an unnamed accuser is looking for a decision.

Afrika Bambaataa never responded to the complaint, according to court documents that AllHipHop received. The attorney for his accuser submitted a fresh application for default judgment.

Hugo G. Ortega, the defendant’s attorney, stated in a statement that “the defendant has failed to appear, answer or otherwise respond to the plaintiff’s duly served verified complaint, has been provided with the statutorily required notice as to the initiation of this proceeding, and his time for responding has expired without any answer being served or motion being made.” As a result, the court should award the plaintiff a default judgment against the defendant and schedule this case for a determination of the plaintiff’s damages.

John Doe was named as Afrika Bambaataa’s accuser in the case. The alleged victim said that in 1991, when he first encountered the pioneer of Hip Hop, he was 12 years old.

The complainant joined Afrika Bambaataa’s security team and rapidly assimilated into the Zulu Nation. The alleged victim said that the sexual abuse occurred because he was frequently invited to the DJ’s flat.

John Doe recalled that “[Afrika Bambaataa] constantly complimented my athletic figure and would touch me on my shoulders, biceps, and torso.” This progressed to his touching my private areas, encouraging me to watch pornographic videos, and even encouraging me to masturbate in front of him while doing so.

Lance Taylor, well known by the stage as Afrika Bambaataa, allegedly groomed, raped, and trafficked John Doe.


According to John Doe, the behavior eventually evolved to mutual masturbation and then moved on to sodomy. “Defendant Lance Taylor would eventually masturbate in my presence as well,” he continued. Then, when Defendant Taylor transported me to other sites where he offered me for sex with other, older men and watched as I was sodomized by those other men, I became a victim of sex trafficking. This mistreatment persisted until 1995.

The plaintiff claimed that as a result of the abuse, he “lost the ability to enjoy life itself.” He apparently had sadness and suicidal thoughts, in addition to bodily and emotional distress.

Both compensatory and punitive damages are sought by John Doe. In 2016, Afrika Bambaata refuted numerous claims of sexual abuse.

“Recently, defamatory statements were published in an effort to damage my client’s reputation and decrease his standing in society while discouraging others from interacting with or doing business with him. The claims are being made by a less well-known person who is looking for attention, were published knowing they were false, and display a reckless disdain for the truth. Bam’s lawyer Vivian K. Tozaki said, “Valuable cultural resources, such as Afrika Bambaataa’s good name and time, should never be utilized to support a mediocre person’s stupid pursuit for social media notoriety and superficial gain.

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