31 August 2023

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Love Me or Hate Me: The DJ FRANCHISE Journey

Hey there, music lovers and haters alike! DJ FRANCHISE here, ready to share a story that’s as catchy as my beats. In this blog post, we’re going to dive into the wild world of music, hard work, and the curious case of the missing likes. So buckle up, grab your ...

24 November 2022

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Kanye West : Crazy or insane?

ARE YOU READY FOR THE LIQUID TRUTH!! Are you ready for the Liquid Truth Live Show? Join the fun with Zoe Nu Girl, DJ Franchise as they get ready to go in on Kanye West and his antisemitic remarks. It’s going down, people! Get that drink ready and tune in ...

18 October 2022

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Party Done Mixtape & digital distribution deal

Are you ready to get on the New DJ Franchise Mixtape PARTY DONE-VOL #1  What’s good FaceBook & Instagram? MRE is  looking for the best new hip-hop, R&B, and even the hottest new Drill music in the game. Submit your music and see if you make the cut. This mixtape ...

28 April 2022

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Now this is the story The possible tale behind Will Smith and the smack heard around the world

What’s good Facebook, Instagram & SWR family… MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO OUT… YouTube just blocked the video for due Copyright claim from the Oscars so we can’t Monetization Content WTF!! Help change the game with SWTV and support the movement by joining SWTV right now!! WE BACK ...

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