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Are you ready to get on the New DJ Franchise Mixtape PARTY DONE-VOL #1 

What’s good FaceBook & Instagram? MRE is  looking for the best new hip-hop, R&B, and even the hottest new Drill music in the game. Submit your music and see if you make the cut. This mixtape will be a new LP in hopes of helping new artists in the way they need. All artists that get on this mixtape will get a 6% royalty on sales and will get a chance to work with Dj Franchise, Street Banned Music, and more!!  All music submissions must meet requirements and all music must be owned and clear to use by the artist. All artists will be libal for all cleared music, so music must be owned by them. Artists will submit their music to DJ Franchise for use in sales. This is a Music Real Estate  Digital Disabution Deal and the team of MRE will review all music submissions. All music submissions will be charged a small fee of $10 for processing. Artists will receive an email from the MRE staff if they make the cut. All artists that make the cut will have to help market the LP by posting on social media, video drops, and shoutouts to help the LP make sales and to go viral.





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  1. Zain Lutoon
    October 18, 2022 at 1:06 am

    WOW!! Thank you for your time SWR. This Zain and I was on Dj Franchise mixtape Underground Legend UK jam… I wanted to know If I can submit for this one?? I have all his mixtapes and the people in the UK love this guy…. SugarWaterRadio is the best station and we stay tuned in!!

  2. DJ Marko
    October 18, 2022 at 1:11 am

    I just saw this post and I had to see what this is. I’m glad to see this post because I’m always on your site. I love what you guys do and I will share this post. Tell Dj Franchise – When is the next time your going to be In BC Vancouver. I went to one of his club nights and he plays the best of the best jams… He’s better in the clubs. Hit me back Dj Marko BC

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