What a foot injury means for the Oklahoma City Thunder and their star rookie, Chet Holmgren, who will miss the entire season

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What will Chet Holmgren’s season-ending foot injury mean for the team?
The Oklahoma City Thunder revealed on Thursday that the No. 2 overall choice in this year’s NBA Draft will miss the entirety of his rookie season due to a Lisfranc injury to his right foot sustained on Saturday while competing in the CrawsOver Pro-Am competition.

Although Holmgren’s untimely injury denies him the opportunity to play and denies Thunder fans the chance to see their franchise’s highest draft pick since selecting Kevin Durant at No. 2 before moving to Oklahoma City, the history of top picks missing their first seasons due to injury suggests it shouldn’t have a significant negative impact on his development.

However, Holmgren’s absence could have an impact on how the Thunder perform this season. Despite having a few core players already in place, Oklahoma City is more likely to spend another year competing for a lottery spot without him.

Furthermore, Holmgren’s injury’s high profile and timely nature can alter how NBA teams see offseason pro-am tournaments, which have become more and more well-liked in recent years. Let’s examine each of the numerous implications.

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