The incredible tale of greed told in The NBA Is Fixed.

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I’ve been following several events in the NBA over the last three or four years that have made me quite suspicious of the league and how it runs. Over the past few years, I have had reservations about how convenient and fairytale everything is in the NBA. As a result of these doubts, I have come to believe that the NBA is fixed—there, I said it—fixed.

The guiding principle is straightforward: for the NBA to succeed, there must be compelling narratives, such as the resurgence of veteran players and the dominance of previously unheard-of players, among other things. The success of the NBA depends primarily on all of the major cities having successful teams fairly frequently, or at least a handful at a time. New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Miami are among these cities.

The best recent stories can be our first point of departure. We all remember how severely Hurricane Katrina impacted New Orleans in 2005. It was a city that was in serious trouble and on its last legs. The New Orleans Hornets weren’t even in the playoffs the year before Katrina, they were so bad. After returning to the revitalised city from their temporary residence in Oklahoma City the next year, the Hornets exploded into the scene, dominated the Western Conference, and by the end of the year, had secured the #2 seed in the Conference.

They had practically the exact same lineup, so this totally surprised me. There was no significant development from Chris Paul because he had already shown to be a top-tier point guard, but guess what? It made for a wonderful tale. Less than a year after one of the country’s worst natural disasters struck in the city that needed help the most, it all of a sudden became an NBA powerhouse.

LeBron James’ selection and unqualified success is another. LeBron arrived in Cleveland as the hometown hero—or, if you prefer, the saviour. LeBron has outperformed all expectations and led the Cleveland Cavaliers from last to first with the NBA’s best record in 2008–09 despite having essentially no team. Perhaps he is simply that talented. Cleveland has been searching for a respectable supporting cast ever since he entered the league, but they haven’t found one yet. Even in terms of talent, the 2009 team is not the finest they have ever had. Despite having a terrible supporting cast this year, LeBron has managed to continue shocking everyone by dominating the NBA. extremely suspicious, or perhaps everyone is correct, he is better than Jordan. Regarding the subject of cities, this one is simple to justify and explain.

The performance of their five primary cities consistently ensures the NBA’s existence. Consider the five major cities I mentioned earlier; each one of them has a rich past. Since their inception, the Miami Heat, who are the youngest team, have largely been successful, winning a title in 2006.

Despite having the longest championship drought, the New York Knicks made the NBA Finals in 1999. The Knicks are currently the greatest beneficiaries of the most successful free agent class in recent memory. The New York Knicks won’t go more than 10 years without winning, in my opinion; they’ll at the very least be in the Eastern Conference Finals by 2012.

When it comes to roster changes, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers made a couple of extremely great transactions last season. Two deals made by the Celtics effectively secured them their 17th championship. In essence, they exchanged Al Jefferson, Delonte West, and Wally Sczerbiak for Ray Allen, the league’s best shooter at the time, and Kevin Garnett, the league’s most agile and versatile power forward.

These actions created an irresistible force for Boston, which quickly earned the moniker “Boston Three Party.” Boston had a horrible club for the preceding five or six seasons, but the data clearly demonstrates that they gave nothing up in order to obtain everything. For the Lakers, it was like robbery because they received one of the top 10 big guys in the league in exchange for, I guess, two bench players and a second-round draught selection. Once more, this demonstrates how a major city made no concessions in the pursuit of a superstar. Gasol proved to be the team’s missing piece and helped them go to the NBA Finals, where they were defeated by the Boston Celtics.

Now let’s talk about the Chicago Bulls. Last year, they had the 9th greatest chance to get the first pick, a probability of less than 2%, and as it turned out, they did. In order to select the local lad, who by the way was one of the most eagerly anticipated point guard prospects ever, the Chicago Bulls, one of the five major cities, successfully capitalised on a 2% chance to receive the first pick.

You are the jury, as you can see from the way the evidence has been presented. All of these instances have severely disturbed me and aroused my scepticism, which is why I wrote this article. You are free to believe what you want, but I argue that the evidence is compelling for my position. I may be utterly bonkers, but all I ask is that you consider what has been said and all the advantages it provides the NBA. The NBA is a company, and like most things in this world, it revolves on money, which the NBA appears to have control over. This is the most crucial thing to keep in mind.




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