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Once upon a time in Brooklyn…


 Brooklyn lyricist Lost Soul’s journey in hip hop can be traced all the way back to the golden era. As a child he breakdanced and beatboxed and as a teenager he began to write down his inner thoughts and made them all rhyme in a way that caught the attention of all those who heard him while attending New York’s famed High School of Art & Design whose other famous alumni included Kwame, Organized Confusion, and Mobb Deep. 

      His earliest mentors were members of the Blackwatch Movement whose more well known alumni included X-Clan, Lin Que, Queen Mother Rage, and YZ. After a few years with them he moved on to co-found a group of lyricist called Da Last Suppah. While with them he got his first taste of mainstream radio airplay on New York’s Hot97. At the time they had a weekly show dedicated to unsigned artist called “Home Jams” hosted by Dennis Rivera and Flavor Flav of the legendary rap group Public Enemy with several songs from Lost Soul being featured that were produced by Juice Da Witch Docta. 

      Several years later he started working with producer Sir Kapital and the now defunct Brother Hood 603 (Arewhy Ripper & Thanos Beats) during the rise of internet music sites such as MySpace, Reverb Nation, Soundclick, and many others. He caught the attention of Big Murph who first played their music on his internet radio show called “Soul Jamz” back in 2006 with a remake of the 80’s rap classic “Games People Play”. Even today Lost Soul remains in steady rotation on several online stations most notably on Sugarwater Radio.

    Lost Soul was helped tremendously by the members of Brother Hood 603 supplying production and features on his four solo albums Dreams Die Hard in 2010, Poetic Resurrection in 2012, Apocalyptic Visions in 2014, & The Last Targaryen in 2018 along with eight videos several of those even appearing on New York’s first and legendary “Video Music Box” as well as Bless Me Videos, and other local cable shows during the past decade. He has also recently finished his fifth solo digital album called “The Long Night” which is scheduled for a Spring, 2021 release.