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Self Honor Respect


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BIO :: My name is Vincent Antoine Matthews I was born in NYC and moved to New Jersey at a young age my father is from the bronx so I guess that’s where I’ve gained my desire and love for Rap / HipHop my Mother is related to Smokey Robinson so growing up knowing this I would always enjoy music listening at family functions through the years of growing up. I witnessed the transition point of HipHop from then to where it is now today. So bearing witness to the growth of our culture definitely inspired me to always take a stand anytime a family event would take place loosing a lot of family pillars altered some of my development in these arts which made it much more difficult for me to m aster my craft .

Now or days I find being an artist is very therapeutic to clear the mind and enjoy the peace it brings dedicated to the arts opened up a different understanding then your average day to day hustle . socially it brought a form of unity through out the world which I’ve been so excited to be apart of like keeping your faiths and beliefs music has been an escape for me however then again its also been a reality check because the awareness that influenced our generation kept us on our toes in real life in real time situations faced with many challenges music HipHop/Rap has changed many lanes for a lot of artist for the better and has built a community within its own environment I think that with the right support I can leave an unforgettable image through the arts and crafts of Rap / HipHop making my own lane and delivering such sounds is a gift and as I move forward I hope you all enjoy what I bring to the table LILBIGBRAH.

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