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 Muni Long


 OG Parker, Romano & Caleb Bryant

 Romano, OG Parker, Priscilla Renea & Caleb Bryant


 Universal Music Group, Def Jam Recordings

 Public Displays Of Affection Too





Muni Long’s “Public Displays Of Affection Too” EP Features “Crack”

The other brand-new song by Muni Long is called “Cartier,” and it deals with a complicated romance. Muni Long’s Public Displays of Affection Too EP, which gave us a preview of what the acclaimed singer-songwriter has been working on lately, was welcomed by R&B fans this weekend. The 33-year-old faces a complicated relationship in “Cartier,” which we highlighted yesterday. Today, we’ve chosen “Crack,” the other brand-new song on the album’s five-song track list.

In the first verse, Muni sings, “Steady actin’ like you want it / I done gave you plenty warnings / F*cked around and let you taste this gushy / And you actin’ like you never had good pussy / And you actin’ like you never had good pussy,” and in the chorus, she compares the impact she has on her romantic partners to “straight crack.”

The solo singles “Another” and “Pain,” as well as the 33-year-duet old’s with “Best Friend” rapper Saweetie on their summer hit, “Baby Boo,” are also featured on the new EP.