Rapper’s family wants him to “Rot In Jail”; attorney asks New York Governor to grant G-Dep clemency for murder.E

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Rapper’s family wants him to “Rot In Jail”; attorney asks New York Governor to grant G-Dep clemency for murder.
G-Dep is hoping that the Governor of New York will pardon him for the murder he was convicted of in 1993.
The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has a supporter working to get the early release of jailed Bad Boy star G-Dep.
For killing John Henkel in 1993, the rapper was given a 15–life term at the Fishkill Correctional Facility in upstate New York.
According to the New York Post, David Drucker, one of the attorneys for D.A. Alvin Bragg, has petitioned the New York Governor in the hopes that she will be lenient and release the “Special Delivery” chart-topper.
Drucker addressed a letter to the Executive Clemency Bureau of Governor Kathy Hochul on August 3rd, on company letterhead.
Drucker wrote in his letter that while many defendants show regret, it is rarely obvious how deeply they regret both their crime and being apprehended.
There is no question about Mr. Coleman’s repentance; it is the most sincere that Drucker or anyone else he spoke to had ever witnessed.

Ironically, Drucker was a member of the jury that found G-Dep, whose real name is Trevell Coleman, guilty in 2012. (almost 20 years after the murder).

In 2010, G-Dep turned himself in to the Harlem 25th Precinct after confessing to the murder. According to Drucker, requesting his freedom does not justify the horrific act that he committed.

According to Drucker, “the defendant shot him three times in the torso, killing him, and then he rode off leaving the victim to die.”
But years later, Drucker believes G-Dep has repented, reformed, and is genuinely sorry.

“A decision to release Mr. Coleman now would be a very safe as well as humane decision. On behalf of the New York County District Attorney’s Office, I strongly urge you to do just that.”
“Man, it’s a great sensation. But it’s more of an emotion. You get what I’m saying when I say it’s affirmation? When you contribute to God, that When you entrust something to God, do you understand what I mean? And this is just confirmation that he helped me through my leap of faith, you understand what I’m saying?” he exclaimed.

The victim’s family vehemently opposes the artist receiving mercy. Robert Henkel, his brother, requests that the governor disregard the request right away.
Such a conflict of interest exists here. The same person who jailed him is now pleading with him to be released. To ask for [clemency] for drug-related crimes is one thing, but not for murder, Henkel said. “Let him wither in prison! Let him serve his 15 years before attempting to be released on parole.
G-Dep stated that he was aware that the brother was unhappy after hearing the comments, but that he had maintained the same vigor ever since the trial.
I can’t blame him, he remarked. I comprehend. That’s his family, then. He feels that way.






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