Powerful people, according to Little Boosie, are attempting to prevent his success.

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Boosie Badazz thought “powerful people” were trying to harm him because of his ongoing issues with Instagram. The rapper from Baton Rouge opened a new Instagram account after having trouble livestreaming on his profile. On Twitter, Boosie lamented his struggles with social media and claimed a plot was afoot against him.

He wrote, “Dam they just discovered my new Instagram and took my LIVE.” “SMH THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME I HAVE A MOVIE COMING OUT!! ️ My film. When MJ “comes out on Christmas Day,” these influential people are attempting to thwart my success. I NEED EVERYONE OF MY FANS TO ORDER MY MOVIE RIGHT AWAY.
Then he continued, “#godseewhatyalldoing ALIENS, EVERY TIME I GET READY TO DROP A FILM THEY TRY N BLOCK MY MOTION.”

Over the previous two years, Boosie has frequently complained about his Instagram problems. He has deleted numerous accounts after breaking the platform’s nudity rules.

Boosie criticized Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri on Twitter earlier this year. The outspoken singer expressed his desire for a plane disaster to kill the social network leaders.

He wrote, “Adam n Mark y’all some b######!” “All that damn money, and both your wives and children look like aliens. Every morning I hope your plane crashes.
Boosie has a dispute with the management, but he still uses Instagram.


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