Live Interview

In Studio interview $ 3000

Skype Interview – $200

Artists/Groups always have a story, and our show is based on these interviews.

Artist can either come to us, or have a Skype like interview and showcase your music and story for 40-60 minutes during our popular #TheLiquidTruthLive #BlackOutDJFranchise #WGISports.  All shows will be recorded and uploaded to all Major Podcast distributors.  (TuneIn, Onlineradiobox, and others) so Artist and other followers can see or hear it! Package includes 2 Songs in 90 day spins.

Also Contact Mr Siddiq Bryant for more info 646 500-4521

Sugar Water Radio has always been about its motto, “making something outta nothing, and making it sweet!” It’s a company that worked tirelessly to bring the love and joy back to a field often associated with taking more than it gives. Sugar Water Radio absolutely made something out of nothing, becoming a notable presence as taste makers in the entertainment industry. Although Sugar Water Radio has always had a strong philosophy of promoting and supporting
the hottest new and unsigned acts, after over 13 years on the scene, they have had the pleasure
of interviewing and discovering some of the biggest names in Hip Hop, R&B, film, television and
entertainment as a whole.

Under their expert eyes and ears, Sugar Water Radio
has been on the forefront of discovering hot new

talent for over a decade.

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