Mike Tyson Set To Fight Jake Paul In Boxing Match!

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Mike Tyson said, “This is new to me. I just saw Jake in St. Barths and he never mentioned it.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are set to fight in a prizefight that should net them millions.

Apparently, Jake Paul has heard the criticism that he has not for any real boxers in his short, brief fighting career. Now, he is set to fight one of the greatest fighters of all time. IRON MIKE!

The Cleveland native will go against Mike Tyson!! No, that is crazy. As you already know, Jake Paul managed to beat up and knock out Tyron Woodly in an impressive fashion. He knocked Tyron out so bad, that people thought it was fixed!

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In his defense, Jake Paul was set to fight Tommy Fury, the brother of Tyson Fury last year. However, because of a medical condition, the younger Fury was unable to fight. Not Jake’s fault.

Is Jake ready to fight Mike Tyson? I doubt it. However, we all know this is about money and this fight will certainly make money! So, being ready only means that he will be ready! Jake has come a long way. Mike Tyson is 55-years old and he’s about to come back around in second life if he beats this young hyena.

Just a month ago, we thought that Mike Tyson was going to fight Jake’s brother Logan but that is clearly not about to happen. By the way, they are cool. So…there’s that. We interviewed Jake and he made a couple things clear 1) his brother could not beat Floyd Mayweather and 2) that he was friends with Mike.

What do you guys think of that?

Honestly, I don’t want to see Mike lose to Jake…he’s almost 30 years younger than the Iron One! Say no! The money ain’t worth it.

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