MENTAL BREACH OF KANYE WEST ON AIR… praises the Nazis and Hitler

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Kanye West Crazy or insane


Kanye West is having a severe mental breakdown while speaking with Alex Jones live on television, screaming hatred toward Jews and praising the Nazis and Hitler.
On “Infowars,” West has been broadcast live for more than an hour. He is obviously unpredictable, occasionally incoherent, hateful, and attired with his face completely hidden by a mask.

Most of what Kanye said in his ramble was “I find Hitler to have merit. Every person, especially Hitler, contributed something worthwhile to the world.” He continued by asserting that Hitler created motorways and microphones.
Jones, the “Infowars” broadcaster who was fined close to $1 billion for lying about Sandy Hook, appears disoriented and unable to contain Kanye.

Jones actually made an attempt to condemn Nazis at one point, but Kanye cut him off by saying, “They accomplished wonderful things too, we are going to stop dissing the Nazis.”
Another time, shortly before the break for commercials, Kanye bluntly declares, “I like Hitler.”
Kanye has been openly espousing his antisemitic views for more than a month, but this time he appears to be experiencing a severe mental breakdown. At points, he can hardly catch his breath as he spews hate.

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