Mase identifies as Diddy 2.0

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Mase must give some explanation regarding his “agreement” with Fivio Foreign, and he does so. See the video right here!

Hold on a second. Mase recently criticized Diddy for acting in a Diddy manner. The creator of Bad Boy Records is a shrewd businessman, as we all know. And nobody is as intelligent as he is. Mase is apparently accused of doing the same thing Sean “Diddy” Combs was, and I have a feeling he just doesn’t know what to do about it. Mase may even be worse than this!

As you may have noticed, Mase agreed to a $5,000 contract with Fivo Foreign. First off, as far as I’m aware, Mase is unrepresented by a record label, management firm, or even a production company. But, OK. It’s Mase. Second, when Diddy signed people, they did receive a large advance payment. Not just $5k, either!
Then this took place:


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When Betha spoke the following, it seemed like only yesterday.

“I am inspired to speak up when I witness other people’s suffering on Bad Boy. I don’t want to be perceived as someone who just made a lot of money and didn’t care. I won’t behave in the same way as the majority of Puff’s friends, who refrain from correcting him. I’m not going to be like the yes men who surround him and watch as he wrecks people’s lives without ever challenging him. More people here will correct me if I’m wrong, but they won’t speak to him.

I don’t understand why he would do the same to the younger generation after that. Alright, hurt people hurt people.

But in all seriousness, business is business. However, Brother Mase serves as a church priest. I believe he could treat Fivio better. Looking at the comments, it appears that more individuals are complaining.

I haven’t seen the video I’m about to publish, but I’ve heard Mase explain everything. I hope he gets something out of it.

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