Long-awaited single “Leave Me” by ANEES is now available.

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Anees, a quickly rising artist from Washington, D.C., has clearly broken out in 2022. Anees is back with a single that many of us have been waiting for after the huge success of his popular song “sun and moon,” which amassed millions of streams across DSPs in less than a week. The delay is finally over, which is good news because I think it was well worth it. For a while, “leave me” was just a demo lacking a stanza and a bridge, but it has been in anees’ vault for 1.5 years at this point. Fans of Day One will undoubtedly recall Anees’ appearance with Justin Bieber on Instagram Live back in the day. Scooter Braun, whose management of Justin Bieber is well known, was also a devotee of anees. They eventually became friends, and Braun collaborated with anees to finish writing the song’s words. Here is what they suggested:

“I love you enough to let you be free / So I can’t blame you baby it started with me / I loved you but left you in moments of need / We broke like the promise you helped me to keep / And baby, it kills me lately / Cause maybe I’m the reason why”

Having said that, “leave me” in its finished form is a stunning song that can instantly pierce your heart. Although anees’ music has always been approachable and simple to connect to, you can now see that it is also connecting with a wider audience. Anees is not a performer who will go out of style; he will last a long time in this business. Oh, and he continues to work alone, with his expanding staff. If you’ve ever attended one of his performances, you’ve probably noticed how varied the audience is because he appeals to all age groups, which is rare these days.




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