Juanita Vanoy, who received $168 million from Michael Jordan, was once accused of exploiting her pregnancy.

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A typical example of this larger-than-life personality is Michael Jordan. He is frequently hailed as the basketball god. It’s important to keep in mind that even the finest people have flaws as human beings. The way that Michael Jackson and his family treated his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy was a sign of his limitations. James and Deloris Jordan charged their daughter-in-law with using Michael’s pregnancy as leverage. The final divorce settlement between their son and Juanita was $168 million.

Life is very different for Michael Jordan than it is for the average person. Jordan is equally legendary and well-known. His victories and exploits are now a part of NBA urban legend.

But he does have a dark side to him, one that Jordan did a poor job of hiding. His treatment of his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy is indicative of the legendary Bulls superstar’s darker side. Additionally, his parents were a significant factor in enraging the mother of MJ’s children.

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Juanita was allegedly influencing Michael Jordan, according to James and Deloris.
Juanita supported Michael Jordan at the height of his professional career. So did James and Deloris, in a way. In actuality, MJ’s parents had been by his side ever since his birth.

Maybe that’s why when Juanita started getting close to the Bulls star, they couldn’t help but feel envious and jealous. especially after the young woman made her pregnancy announcement.

Deloris and James’ relationship broke down at that point. They thought their daughter-in-law was controlling their son through her pregnancy. The Jordan family was going through a very difficult time at the time.

In his book Michael Jordan: The Life, Roland Lazenby provided specifics about this period of their lives. He stated:

As spring gave way to summer, Juanita Vanoy revealed to Jordan that she was expecting a child, which enraged his parents even more by implying that she had allowed the pregnancy to occur in order to maintain her control over their son. Sonny Vaccaro said that it was not a joyous moment.

Lazenby’s narrative unequivocally demonstrates how James and Deloris held animosity toward Juanita. Perhaps because of this animosity, they were eventually able to separate.

Juanita and MJ separated after 17 years of marriage.
After 17 years of marriage, Juanita and Jordan divorced in late December 2006. With the possible exception of the Jordan family, nobody truly anticipated the separation.

There was no conflict or strife during the divorce. Just the way Jordan likes it. However, Jordan had to part with a staggering $168 million as a result of the divorce. The cash was given to Juanita as a settlement.

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