JAY-Z and Megan Thee are criticised by KODAK BLACK for the conviction for the shooting of Tory Lanez.

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Taking aim at JAY-Z and the Houston Hottie in the process, Kodak Black spoke out against Tory Lanez’s guilty finding in his felony assault case involving Megan Thee Stallion.

Earlier this week, shortly after Tory was found guilty of shooting Megan in the feet after a drunken argument in July 2020, the Florida rapper addressed the judgement on Instagram Live.

Following a nearly two-week-long trial in Los Angeles, the Toronto native was found guilty on all three charges, including assault with a semiautomatic weapon, possessing an unregistered loaded firearm while operating a motor vehicle, and discharge of a firearm with gross negligence.

He might be sentenced to a maximum of 22 years in jail and be deported to Canada. The sentencing date is set for January 27, 2023.

In the opening moments of his programme, Kodak lamented the trial’s verdict and the timing of its holding so close to the holidays while praising Tory Lanez’s character.

He said, “This shit ain’t right, homie.” “Bro, Tory Lanez is a good n-gga. My friend, n-ggas won’t talk about it and will behave as if this shit didn’t happen if I had came out and done some stuff and this crap fucked with my Christmas Eve.

“Now, I wasn’t even in the courtroom, but at the same time, n-ggas ain’t going to want to say nothing because this whole political bullshit, and then all this JAY-Z crap, bro,” a man said.

“That’s shit sad, man,” he continued. That man, Tory Lanez, is a nice n-gga, bro. Because I’m a decent n-gga and we share a similar outlook on life, that sh*t fucked with me. That man will quickly stop and pray with you.

Kodak Black, who has collaborated with Tory on a number of songs like “Grah Tah Tah” and “Fuck With You,” made it clear that he opposes violence against women while criticising Megan Thee Stallion for having been “caught in a couple lies” during her testimony.

Contrary to earlier assertions that they were not sexually involved, the rapper from the song “Savage” acknowledged during her testimony that she had been acquainted with Tory before the shooting.

“Now, I’m an n-gga who fears God. If my brother indeed committed the crime, God will see to it that he receives the appropriate punishment Kodak believes he deserves. “I oppose n-ggas who assault women. You know I love my women? My family is really female-heavy, homies. I can’t watch or stand for an n-gga [who hits women] because I love my mother to s—t. That is pathetically weak.

I’m not saying, “Oh, free the n-gga,” “I don’t have no respect for women’s rights,” or any other insane nonsense, but… whatever happened, those folks were inebriated. And when people started talking like that, they discovered some lies and crap this woman had told. They did uncover a few lies told by this woman. That shit shouldn’t be allowed in court, bro! Okay.

“How the fuck you find an n-gga guilty for shooting a bitch when there ain’t no evidence behind it!” Yak questioned the decision. You all mentioned that the bitch and another person had gunshot residue on their film. And no one came out to confirm, “Oh yes, he did that thing.” I don’t feel comfortable with it, dude.

After attacking the Traumazine rapper once again for initially filing charges against Tory Lanez, which in his opinion violated the street code, Kodak continued by calling JAY-Z, whose Roc Nation company handles Megan, a “fuck n-gga.”

Who gave the go-ahead for that to occur just before Christmas? Additionally, where is JAY-Z when you need him? My friend, you’re a fucking n-gga. Furthermore, Megan, you’re meant to be from the streets. What the eff, even if it was a bloody gunshot.

“You don’t see her trying to put n-ggas in jail about that, but I know a bitch who got shot in the toe too,” someone once said. You already removed one of their family members. Then, bro, they were about to be deported.

You don’t want to appear to be a liar, he continued. Or JAY-Z and Roc Nation don’t want to feel bad about investing in this bitch and having her lie exposed. What does that mean, oh? A lie from Roc Nation? Or some such ludicrous nonsense. You’re nuts, man.

Not everyone is dissatisfied with Tory Lanez’s conviction, including Kodak Black. Sonstar Peterson, Tory’s father, expressed his rage at JAY-Z and Roc Nation as well as the prosecution, calling them “wicked” and “evil” following the jury’s decision.

Sonstar told reporters outside the courthouse, “I just stood here in this Los Angeles county and experienced the worst miscarriage of justice that this planet has ever seen.” Alex Spiro, Megan’s attorney, Desiree Perez, Roc Nation’s COO, and “the whole wicked system of Roc Nation, including you JAY-Z,” were among the names he then read out in the list.

“You who say you rose from the trash, but you have traded and bartered the souls of young men, and you’re still doing it,” he proceeded to lay into Hov.

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