It is hardly surprising that the Knicks are interested in trading for Kevin Durant.

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The Kevin Durant situation was officially resolved last week, at least for the time being. According to reports, the Brooklyn Nets and the 12-time All-Star are once again committed to working together to bring the team its first NBA championship. For the New York Knicks, that’s both good news and bad news.

Now that KD is no longer the center of attention, a trade for Donovan Mitchell may occur sooner rather than later. However, this also means that clubs may use their resources to try to put together a package that will appeal to Danny Ainge. But the reality is that Mitchell will probably wind up being sent to the Knicks.

Although it shouldn’t be surprising that the front office contacted Brooklyn on a potential Kevin Durant trade, New York has been interested in Mitchell for a while now. Regardless of how Knicks supporters feel about him, Durant is among the best in the game. Teams must do due diligence when a player like KD becomes available by contacting the other team to inquire about a trade, as New York apparently did. The Knicks called the Nets about Durant, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, who was a guest on the STUpodity podcast.

The Knicks reached out to the Nets about a possible Kevin Durant trade

You’re a very wishful thinker if you think that the Nets would deal Kevin Durant to the Knicks, of all teams. In the summer of 2019, KD had the opportunity to join the Knicks, but he chose to join the Nets. That decision hasn’t worked out well for him, Kyrie Irving, or Brooklyn thus far.

Furthermore, just because both players will at least begin the 2022–23 season with the Nets does not imply that the club as a whole has seen a significant improvement. Another fire will eventually start, but if Brooklyn can put one out, the Nets will have a legitimate chance of taking home the championship. The 82-game regular season is lengthy, though.

New York is the ideal location in the end. With less than one month and a half until the start of the season, it is predicted that the Knicks will trade for three-time All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell. Although it would be best, he is not Durant. However, the Knicks this season should surprise a lot of people.


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