Irv Gotti is criticized by Fat Joe for airing his and Ashanti’s old business.

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To get called out by Fat Joe, you must be crazy. Although he normally adopts a diplomatic stance, Fat Joe keeps it genuine. This is especially true when it comes to New York’s issues. The Don recently expressed his feelings on Irv Gotti’s loose lips regarding Ashanti. Gotti is the owner of Murder Inc. The history is as follows. Ashanti has been in the music industry for about 20 years and is one of the hottest women right now. She looks better at 40 than contemporary active girls do. She was “with” Irv at the start of her professional life. I think he was already married, but who cares?

That was twenty years old at this point. Fat Joe has recorded songs with her and has known them both. He showed up. During a recent Drink Champs interview, there was a lot of Chatty Patty-like behavior.


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“Man, Irv Gotti is a sucker. He’s a loser. You guys are free to insult Irv Gotti, Ja, or anybody you want. Anything Irv has with Ashanti is at least 20 years old. I am aware that he was expressing some important issues to him. But if you continue to complain about someone 20 years later, it seems like he hasn’t moved on from the young woman, is that right?

Irv Gotti asserts that he wrote “Happy” after becoming preoccupied with Ashanti.

He claimed he would be understanding if Irv included the rumors in a documentary, but not in this manner. Irv was reportedly intoxicated, and Joe was trying to ride for his little sister without coming off as a fool. “You have to watch your documentary to see your truth. But to continue disrespecting her by going to Drink Champs and calling her a b####… Guys, Ja Rule was standing right next to him and said, “Stand up for Ashanti, the brother that.” I’m not going to be the man to do that (on Drink Champs). I won’t be that guy, for that reason. However, I’m not sharing tales about a woman I dated 20 years ago. I actually want you to die (to his old flame). F### you, b####. Right, just leave me alone. As a result, even though it appears that you have caught up, you haven’t overcome the s###.

In the early 2000s, Ol Irv was seeing Ashanti, but he was already married at the time. OK. And when she began dating Nelly without his knowledge, he had the guts to act hurt. Before 2003, Nelly and Ashanti didn’t exist.

Irv yelled at N.O.R.E, “I can get over you wanting to be with Nelly. “This n#### is the chic you f###### in love with.”

Then he determined that everyone should know how he discovered Nelly and Ashanti were dating.

“Want to know how I learned? I was at home when this s### happened. God intended for me to learn this. I had gone home. NBA package; I enjoy sports viewing. “Oh my God, what’s all the hubbub in the stadium about?” We recently learned the cause of the uproar. Nelly and Ashanti just entered.

Irv was recently made fun of by Nelly and Ashanti while they performed together.

Irv was also given a piece of Mic Geronimo’s mind.
“Hear me out, dude I’m going to be absolutely clear with you, man. What newfound splendor you have, I could care less. I couldn’t care less about what you did, where you were, where you were going, or anything else, my n###a. Don’t f##### me up, the rap artist commanded.

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