Ginuwine’s comeback has been met with laughter, but his most recent performance almost went horribly wrong.

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Fans of 90s R&B are seeing a resurgence of some of their favorite artists. From Blackground Records’ release of Aaliyah’s back catalog to Brandy and Monica’s Verzuz last year. Ginuwine is also becoming more well-known as a result of several humorous memes that feature his distinctive dance routines. The “Same Ol’ G” hitmaker claims that the viral incident has given him additional opportunities for work and tours. Fans were unfortunately scared by what happened at his most recent stop.

Since the early 1990s, ginuwine has been in existence. The singer hasn’t been seen or heard from much in recent years. Eglin, the singer’s first name, was the title of his most recent album, which was published in 2011. Ginuwine was taken aback by his most recent experience in the spotlight. Despite his hallmark song appearing in a successful remix or commercial every few years, the 51-year-old did not believe that there was much interest in him still.

When asked about the excitement around the virality of his dance, he responded to Revolt in August, “I was shooting TV things in Vegas that you will see in October [and] couldn’t reply to a lot of this online cyber stuff. Phone has been ringing; blogs and friends have called. The musician continued, “After realizing his revival in the mainstream, I had to stop calling myself a “old man.” I see I need to stop referring to myself as the “old man,” lol. I had no idea I was still newsworthy.

He was mocked and compared to Quagmire from Family Guy by fans online. Others praised the star’s graceful transition from an R&B darling to a silver daddy. His internet dances spawned other memes as well. He can be seen shimmying his neck and moving his leg in the first video while looking directly into a fan’s camera. In the second, he raises his torso by his arms while holding his feet out on the edge of the platform. One fan made fun of Lemmie by saying, “Watch your feet Lemmie sweep right here.”


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