Canibus Talks LL Cool J’s Historic Shoutout, Meeting With Jay-Z, Giving Up On Hip-Hop!

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“Second Round K.O.” never happens in another dimension, and Canibus and LL Cool J’s lives are completely different. Few people have gone through what Canibus has gone through, but when he states that in the next life, his biggest hit will never happen, you can imagine the toll it’s taking on him. “Second Round K.O.” is a classic song in which he imagines a younger version of himself

fighting LL Cool J. LL Cool J kept his start, while Canibus established himself as an underground staple, regardless of who won the battle. LL’s career was shaped by Canibus. As a result, when Cool J was inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame this year, he yelled his former foe. In this exclusive conversation with Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, Canibus also describes a visit with another hall of famer, Jay-Z. Furthermore, as stated in Part 1 of our dialogue, ‘Bis is dissatisfied with the state of Hip-Hop, but why? He discusses both the puppet masters and the populace, both of whom have a role in the culture’s evolution. How do you feel about his interview?

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