Beyoncé gets criticized by Kelis over her song “It’s Theft” sample.

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In response to one of her hits being sampled on Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance, Kelis criticized the singer.
Beyoncé was first mentioned by Kelis in the comments section of an Instagram fan page. Beyoncé allegedly never asked Kelis for permission to use the singer’s song “Get Along With You” as a sample.

“The degree of disrespect and sheer ignorance of all 3 parties involved is stunning,” she added. “My mind is blown too.” “Like everyone else, I learned about this. Nothing is ever as it seems since certain people in this industry lack moral character and integrity and deceive everyone.

It’s stealing, she continued, not a collaboration.

The artist, 42, criticized Pharrell for allegedly interfering with her career. She then focused on Beyoncé, whose song “Energy” featured a sample from Kelis’ tune.

She said, “All this female empowerment crap only counts if you actually do it. “Don’t simply speak the talk; walk the walk if you’re actually living it.”

Watch Kelis explain her problem with the sample below.


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