Lucky Harmon Drops New Single “Wildcard” Feat Lil Wayne



Not many artists get the opportunity to ever work with a legend that can still get down with their pairs bar for bar. Not many new artists can bring life to a record with an artist like Jay Z, Nas , TI , Scarface, Trick Daddy or any other legend within this Hip Hop arena, on it with them.

Lucky Harmon is an artist that brings that “IT” factor to every track he jumps on. He knows how to make a song fun and party ready. Something that is very difficult in today’s climate of music. Sony knew they were making the right move when they signed him to a record deal.
Lucky Harmon has gained over 300K followers on Instagram and really shows other artists how to build a following via social media, which allows the artist to now have control over what they give to and what is seen by the fans.

Now Lucky Harmon has released his own single called “WildCard” featuring Lil Wayne, that will for sure rip through the top 40 charts like an F5 tornado. This record is something we have never seen before and it comes at the right time , when America and the other parts of the world just needs something fun, something to dance to, something to take your mind off of everything that has been tossed on us this past year.

This record is a smash hit and you get the opinion to hear it here first by clicking the below.