After shooting an intruder, DaBaby sends out his first message!

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DaBaby should not be messed with! You know he’s all about that lifestyle. So, if someone wants to put him to the test, he has proven time and time again that he is not the one. If you recall, that’s how he entered the game. Well, I must add that I applaud it.

Be prepared to talk the talk if you’re going to walk the walk. DaBaby also has a megaphone. He has been identified as the shooter of an intruder who entered his home. He did manage to hit the man in the leg with a nonlethal shot.
The rapper dialed 911 after bashing the dude. That 911 tape is now widely available on the Internet. He shot a chump, and he’s shouting like a chump!

If you ask me, this is quite straightforward. There may be more details, but it appears that the individual was not supposed to be at the rapper’s home. As a result, he was blasted.  Baby is also back out in the public, having made his first social media post since the incident. He seemed to be in good spirits.

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