After being referred to as a “side chick,” Careesha gets OFF on Akademiks.

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WELCOME BACK TO SUGAR WATER TV. Today in the Hip Hop news.
Following the remark, “Side Chick,” Careesha goes off on Akademiks. DJ Akademiks received criticism from Yung Miami aka Careesha for claiming to be the other jawn. I have no idea what the hell drove DJ Akademiks to bring up the circumstance with Diddy, Yung Miami, and the infant, but he did. She then left! He called her a “side BITCH” because for some reason he thought it was proper to do so.
Yung Miami, a.k.a. Careesha, chastised DJ Akademiks for claiming to be the other jawn. DJ Akademiks brought up the situation between Diddy, Yung Miami, and the infant, for reasons that I have no concept of all. Then she went! Because he felt it was appropriate for whatever reason, he called her a “side BITCH.”
I’m not sure where DJ Akademiks shouted this nonsense, but Yung Miami heard about it and developed into the city lady that we all know and love! She lost her mind earlier today on Twitter and hasn’t erased it yet! I took a screenshot of it just in case, as I believe she will soon remove the post. Since DJ Akademiks gains power with each insult, I must admit that he makes me want to say something offensive. The Dragonball Z of rap, this guy!
In one respect, I do concur with young Miami—he doesn’t go outside! And that’s probably for the best because he’ll get touched if he goes outside! We currently live in an attention economy. I don’t mind, but I’d rather remain anonymous. Sean Combs has not been mentioned in connection with this most recent altercation as of the time of this writing. But what is being said is known to us!
We’re being honest, we know she’s a little hurt. She is likely severely injured. In October, her main man gave birth to a child with another lady. That won’t make you feel good at all. She made some oddly offensive gay remarks, so I hope she stays away from references to “the mafia,” since that could pose problems for her.


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