#NoKaepernickNoNFL – Boycott NFL Games If Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Play @WGISports This Season

Written by on August 11, 2017

NEW GOAL (as of Aug 9th) – We reached our first 100,000 signatures in only 12 days, and have mailed Roger Goodell & the 32 NFL Owners to let them know our displeasure.

Now let’s make a real impact.

Colin Kaepernick is the first athlete in our generation to literally risk his multi-million dollar athletic career, in order to stand up for the injustices of people of color & police brutality. The NFL Owners have seemed to turn a blind eye to the situation. Let’s not leave Kaepernick hanging.

It’s time to target each NFL Sponsor. Every single one of them!

Sponsors work with businesses / personalities due to their appeal & popularity. If we can show them that there’s a LARGE segment of fans who are unhappy with the way the NFL has handled Kaepernick’s situation, then they will be forced to reconsider their relationship with the NFL.

Each sponsor’s relationship with the NFL reflects on their company as well.

In order to get their attention, we will have to make history. Our new goal to make this happen: 1 MILLION SIGNATURES by the start of the NFL Regular Season. Week 1 of the NFL Regular Season is Thursday, September 7th.

Once we reach 1 million signatures, we will mail the CEO of every sponsor (listed below). Never forget: In 2016, the NFL made a total sponsorship revenue of $1.25 billion, which was a 4.3% increase from the year before. Let’s make the sponsors reconsider their relationship with the NFL due to its handling of the Kaepernick situation — since many of them preach “diversity” in their company values.

NFL Sponsors are listed below (the CEOs):

Gatorade & Pepsi & Quaker – Indra K. Nooyi
Anheuser-Busch – João Castro Neves
USAA – Stuart Parker
Bose – Bob Marseca
Marriott – Arne M. Sorenson
Xbox & Microsoft – Satya Nadella
News America – Martin Garofalo
SAP – Bill McDermott
McDonalds – Steve Easterbrook
New Era – Chris Koch
Nike – Mark Parker
Extreme Networks – Ed Meyercord
Nationwide – Steve Rasmussen
TD Ameritrade – Tim Hockey
Zebra – Anders Gustafsson
Dannon – Emmanuel Faber
Hyundai – Jerry Flannery
EA Sports – Andrew Wilson
VISA – Alfred F. Kelly Jr
Campbell’s Soup – Denise M. Morrison
FedEx – Frederick W. Smith
Frito-Lay – Vivek Sankaran
Mars Snackfood – Grant F. Reid
Dairy Management, Inc. – Thomas Gallagher
SiriusXM – James E. Meyer
Under Armour – Kevin Plank
Bridgestone – Gordon Knapp
Ticketmaster – Michael Rapino
Procter & Gamble – David S. Taylor
Verizon – Lowell C. McAdam
Barclays – Jes Staley
Papa John’s – John Schnatter
Castrol – Mandhir Singh
Ford – James Hackett

Let’s make history. 1 million signatures by the start of the NFL Regualar Season.



Boycott NFL Games If Colin Kaepernick

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