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Blac Chyna has accused the Kardashians of using their “fame, wealth and power” to come after her as the reality star’s lawsuit against the reality stars rumbles on. Chyna is suing Rob Kardashian, the father of her 13-month-old daughter Dream, as well as his mother Kris Jenner and sister Kim Kardashian for a litany of […]

The truth about why Fetty Wap fell off – Fetty Wap was hands down one of the hottest new rappers back in 2015. His ”Trap Queen” song was the record that introduced Fetty to the entire world – and things were looking extremely bright for Fetty. Many people were calling him ”the next big sound” […]

Gucci Mane is one of the dopest and well-respected artists from the hood, specifically Atlanta. His star has only gotten brighter in recent years and his legend even stronger. But, has that taken him away from the hood? Some say yes. Yung Nudy is one of them. The other day, Gucci made a post about […]

During this week’s “Hollywood Unlocked” episode with Jason Lee and Melyssa Ford now wanting to be called Shad Moss (his birth name) a.k.a Bow Wow gave an exclusive interview dropping tea all over the place; admitting he had sex with every female we have seen him with publicly including Kim Kardashian (but not truly confirming […]

OVO’s Mozart, Drake, seems to be preparing to overtake the music world again with the recent emergence of new candid pictures and coded captions.  One picture in particular raised a few eyebrows when the rapper recently appeared very comfortable on an airport landing strip, courtesy of Bad Boy Entertainment. One wonders if 6 God and […]

Another clip from the IG live. Offset surprises Cardi B for Christmas…what blogs chose not to show. They were fully clothed & playing. SMH. Y’all need to stop being pressed about everything without getting the full facts. — 🤦🏾‍♀️ (@Thenameis_Tati) December 26, 2017 “They Should Have Never Gave Y’all Social Media” News, Cardi B […]

Social media getting scarier and scarier. Boskoe 100 said “Blood” a million times and was talking to Joe Budden. Well, apparently Joe Budden said something about LA dudes and their inspirational messages. I don’t know who he was talking about and neither did Boskoe. Boskoe wants to know! He continues on a tirade about Budden […]

Mase issues his version of “Ether” and directs the fire directly at Cam’ron, his former homie. Who out there remembers Murda Mase and Killa Cam? How about Children of the Corn? They go way back…so far back. Now, they are no longer friends. I cannot believe this. But, in “The Oracle” Mase literally bodies Cam’ron […]

Big mad or nah? Salty or nah? Joseline seems to be hating on Cardi B because her musical career never popped off. (AllHipHop Rumors) As you know, Stevie J told us a few months back that the Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez was jealous of rap newcomer Cardi B and her success! Jealous never looks […]



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