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Jobs (SWR Employment)

Job Description

The independent Sales Representative represents Sugar Water Radio’s interests in the area of advertising sales and marketing.

Their job is to sell or solicit advertising, including graphic art, commercial advertising, custom made ads, or video and radio advertising space on They may also persuade retailers to purchase sales promotion packages.

Sugar Water Productions Inc. will provide the Sales Representative with specifications, price lists and similar information concerning Advertising with

Sales Representative Job Duties:

  • Service existing accounts, obtain orders, and establish new ad accounts by calling on existing or potential sales outlets, individual contacts and other trade factors.
  • Adjusts content of sales presentations by studying the type of client.
  • Focus sales efforts by studying the advertising needs of potential clients.
  • Submits advertising orders by referring to price lists and ad guidelines.
  • Keeps management informed by submitting activity via email.
  • Monitors competition by gathering current marketplace information on pricing, merchandising techniques, etc.
  • Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems; developing solutions; making recommendations to management
  • May include making phone calls, networking and sending emails and letters.
  • Prepare and deliver sales presentations to new and existing customers to sell new advertising packages, and to protect and increase existing advertising.
  • Explain to customers how specific types of advertising will help promote their products or services in the most effective way possible.
  • Maintain assigned account bases while developing new accounts.
  • Process all correspondence and paperwork [documents provided by Sugar Water Productions Inc.] related to accounts.
  • Deliver advertising or illustration proofs to both clients and Sugar Water for approval.
  • Fill in and complete contracts for advertising sales, and collect payments due made out to Sugar Water Productions Inc.
  • Locate and contact potential clients to offer advertising services.
  • Provide clients with estimates of the costs of advertising products or services.
  • Recommend appropriate sizes and formats for advertising, depending on client’s needs.
  • Inform customers of available options for advertisement artwork, and provide samples.
  • Obtain and study information about clients' products, needs, problems, advertising history, and business practices to offer effective sales presentations and appropriate product assistance.
  • Use your own methods and materials necessary to facilitate sales.
  • Identify potential advertising markets, and propose products to serve them.
  • Gather all relevant material for bid processes, and coordinate bidding and contract approval.





  • High School Education,
  • Web/Internet Savvy
  • Great Customer Service Skills
  • Ability to Meet Sales Goals
  • Closing Skills
  • Prospecting Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Self-Confidence
  • Company Knowledge
  • Presentation Skills
  • Ability to Develop Good Client Relationships
  • Motivation for Sales
  • Good Speaking Skills
  • Personable
  • Ability to follow-up


This is a commission based sales position and is not related to any multitier or multilevel marketing program.  Sugar Water Productions Inc. is an entertainment production company registered in the State of New York. A standard percentage rate will be paid out simply based on revenue brought to Sugar Water Productions Inc. by the individual sales rep. 

Send all resuma to Jobs [at] sugarwaterradio [dot] com coolyes