There is renewed interest in one Craig Mack, one of the pillars of the Bad Boy Empire. The New York rapper is truly one of the unheralded artists of the 1990’s. Mack was one of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’s prized artists at one point, but soon The Notorious B.I.G. would emerge as the singular most […]

In the U.S. and internationally, Marvel’s Black Panther The idea that Black-themed movies cannot be blockbusters is officially shattered. Black Panther raked in an estimated $361 million worldwide debut, a huge victory for Marvel Studios. It also clearly shows that movies that have Black leads and Afrocentric notions are unable to sell worldwide. The movie […]

Legendary music producer Quincy Jones has sent shockwaves across the internet with his tell-all interview with Vulture. He’s got a Netflix documentary and a CBS special being hosted by Oprah Winfrey on the horizon, and he told the magazine, “I’ve got nothing to be scared of.” Jones proved that in the interview. The producer didn’t hold […]

: Is Jay-Z going to pay off his alleged love child to stay quiet? Jay-Z’s “4:44″ album was an album of discovery. The album was one of the first times we heard speak about his marriage and home life.”4:44” as an album was released after Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce released her own personal album “Lemonade.” A […]

Russell Simmons vehemently asserts his innocence in a recent allegation that he raped a woman back in 1991. The rap mogul, known these days for his veganism and penchant for Yoga, denounced a new L.A. Times reported, detailing the exploits of Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner. A number of new women have come forward against […]

Bobby Brown has lost a court battle with TV One over the airing of a biopic about his late daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Bobby Brown has lost his bid to stop a new biopic about his late daughter from hitting TV screens. The “Bobbi Kristina”TV movie will air in America as planned this weekend after a […]

Bobby Brown scored a legal victory against TV one and his war over a biopic on his daughter.  A New York judge has temporarily blocked the broadcast of an unauthorized Bobbi Kristina Brown biopic. The tragic 22-year-old’s final days have become the subject of a TV One film, titled “Bobbi Kristina,” and had been due […]

Looks like Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife, but talks of people trying to extort him. Kevin Hart has decided to come clean now that somebody has attempted to extort the comedy actor, who had cheating rumors swirling around him. He just opted to come clean order to diffuse the people trying to get […]

What do we have here?! The people are talking and it is looking like Remy Ma and Lil Kim are in the studio to do some damage! You know I love both of these ladies and it has been inferred that they may go at the self-proclaimed Queen of Hip-Hop Nicki Minaj! No word but […]

A rapper gets beat up and then a bunch of people watch him get beat up LIVE ON FACEBOOK. I feel like I am contributing to wackness every now and then. Aladdin Xantander is somebody I don’t know who he is, but he’s a rapper. And he seems to be getting beaten repeatedly. Well, he […]



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