Saturday 29th April 2017,

Is #KimBurrell career over (The Liquid Truth)?? #SWRPodcast

Is #KimBurrell career over (The Liquid Truth)??  #SWRPodcast

Is Kim Burrell career over??
Join the fun with the hottest gossip team in the game. Check out Dj Franchise, Zoe Nu Girl live with the best infotainment in the game. Also check out Ulysses Carter live with the Carter Report. This when the gossip gets juice!!
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  1. Maximiliane Jacob January 12, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Hi i am supporter of pastor kim that men who talking about pastor Kim burrell is never a friend pastor Kim would never allow that a friend call in a radioshow and talk about her what kinda liar is that i hope this guy get in trouble 

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